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Clinton County Victim/Witness Program

The Clinton County Victim/Witness Office provides information, assistance and advocacy to all victims and witnesses. The mission of the Victim/Witness Office is to ensure the rights of crime victims are protected and that the criminal justice system treats crime victims and witnesses with fairness, compassion, dignity, and respect.

The Victim/Witness Coordinator will assist you in your understanding of the criminal justice process and your rights and responsibilities as a crime victim. The Victim/Witness Coordinator will also inform you of developments in your case as they happen and will act as the liaison between you and the District Attorney. The Victim/Witness Coordinator is DAVE (Dependable Access for Victims Expenses) trained and certified and can file Victims Compensation Claims with the Victims Compensation Assistance Program. Please call for more information. The Victim/Witness Coordinator can assist in registration for PA SAVIN (Pennsylvania Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification). Please call for assistance.

If you have questions/comments regarding this office or the services provided, please feel free to contact the Victim/Witness Coordinator. Contact information is listed below.

Victim/Witness Coordinator:

Jennifer K. Bottorf