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The Clinton County MIS department provides many services both within and outside county agencies.  We continually strive to provide support from within our department to avoid expensive consultants whenever possible. We have also extended these services to the Clinton County Economic Partnership and the City of Lock Haven for a fraction of what would be paid to an outside vendor.

Public Data Requests

The departments and agencies within Clinton County gather a wide variety of information on a daily basis. Most of the information is not confidential and is public record. This information can be requested by any individual or business in a variety of formats. Since public data requests take time away from normal MIS functions a fee has been set for any data requests outside of county agencies. This fee is not charged for the data but for the time it takes to extract if from the system and put it in a usable format for the end user. Specialized reports, spatial analysis including mapping, or data analysis are also available. Our staff has a vast knowledge of all the Microsoft Office products and the luxury of a custom programmer who can extract and manipulate data according to your specifications. The fee schedule set by the commissioners is:

$75 set up fee + $75 hour for each hour ($150 minimum)

Most requests can be filled in an hours time.  File formats include, but are not limited to ASCII, Comma Delimited, EXCEL, and ACCESS to name a few. Files can be either emailed for fastest delivery or sent on a floppy disk or CD.

Internal Services

We provide necessary guidance, hardware and software, networking, internet access, internal and external email, custom programming, system analysis and design... pretty much anything that has to do with a computer we take care of. We currently have over 300 personal computers and printers that we install, troubleshoot, and maintain.  There are two IBM AS400's, 4 Novell servers, 3 NT Servers, and a Windows 2000 server that we apply updates and patches. We also write custom application software and design data base systems upon request including integration with PC applications such as MS Word, Excel, and Access; or current software systems written in RPG.

The County web site is created and maintained within the MIS department.  This includes graphic design, converting documents or maps to a PDF format, creating updated files for our online mapping site, and sometimes collecting general information to be posted. With the addition of dedicated fiber to the Economic Partnership and the City of Lock Haven we can provide valuable county information and resources to the desktop eliminating time consuming trips to the Courthouse. We also provide technical support as requested.

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