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Assessment Department

Centrally located in Pennsylvania, Clinton County has an approximate size of 908.1 square miles and a population of 35,000 residents. Within the beautiful confines of Clinton County we have approximately 326,000 acres, or about 55% of total land in Clinton County, as state forestlands. The remaining land area is currently being divided among more than 23,000 parcels, as of 4/2005. Clinton County is very rugged in the northern part of the county with vast second growth forests. In the south is typified by a ridge and valley system with lush farmlands. Flowing through the county is the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

The Clinton County Office of Tax Assessment is the discovery and valuation of all property and persons in the County. This includes the maintenance of all real estate and personal records, updating, revisions, analyzing deed transfer in reference to mapping, reviewing existing construction and correspondence and personal contact with the public. Some of this information is available on the web through our GIS department's on-line mapping page. Click on the graphic to the left to utilize this service.

The Chief Assessor and the Data Collector report directly to the Clinton County Board of Commissioners, which is composed of the Three County Commissioners. The Database Asministrator, Computer Operator, and Assessment Clerks report directly to the IT Director, who reports directly to the Clinton County Board of Commissioners.

Chief Assessor

Keith L. Yearick, CPE

Duties include direction from the Clinton County Commissioners, the Chief Assessor plans and directs activities of the tax assessment office, and evaluates assessment department policies and procedures. Analyzies changes in applicable laws and regulations and informing appropriate persons, performing field inspections of property, compute value of property, and determine discretionary factors for use in appraisals. The Chief Assessor also meets with taxpayers to review assessments, resolve disagreements and attends appeal hearings to assist with resolution of disputes.

Data Collector

Jay R. Young

Duties include collecting property data on residential new construction, inspecting existing properties to verify property characteristicsare accurate - up to date on county records, and other duties as assigned.

Database Administrator

Thomas Sobiech

The database administrator overseas data and integrety and accuracy of assessment information thru review and policy implementation. Additional duties include custom reporting, script writting, software upgrades, and work flow analysis and coordinating between GIS, 911 Addressing Coordinator, Planning and Municipal Offices.

Computer Operator

Kathleen L. Merrill

The computer operator has the responsibility of maintaining the information that is entered into the AS400 computer systems. The AS400 computer is our way of electronically storing our property and occupational tax information. The computer technician updates all information on the database and prints reports for use by the county offices.

Assessment Clerks

Carol A. George & Susan C. Muthler

The assessment clerk's responsibility is to deal with the general public, by answering questions through phone calls and through office visits. They also assist the Computer Operator in making the necessary changes to property information in multiple and to the computer databases, relating to property and occupational tax information.