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Agricultural Erosion and Sediment Control Plans


Farms that plant crops or have a muddy barnyard area more than 5,000 square feet will need to have an Ag E&S Plan. This is also a plan that farmers can write themselves. The plan makes sure that the land is managed in a way that does not allow too much soil to erode from the fields and barnyards. There are three areas that are addressed in a plan:

1.  The land must be managed to meet “T” which is the tolerable amount of soil that can be lost without affecting long-term production and yields. The easiest way to do this is the plant crops with no-till equipment and always plant a cover crop in the fall. If no-till is not practical, there are other management practices to reduce erosion.

2.  Fields within 100 feet of a stream or river need special management so that soil does not wash into the stream.

3.  Rainwater from the barnyard area needs to be treated before it reaches a stream or sinkhole.

The Conservation District can help with writing Ag E&S Plans or farmers can access the PA OneStop to write a plan.

Farms that already have a current Conservation Plan may meet this requirement if the plan addresses the fields which are close to streams and the barnyard areas. This page can be added to a Conservation Plan for the near-stream fields.