The Clinton County office of Veterans Affairs is located located at the former Flemington Elementary School, 311 Frederick Street, Suite B, Flemington, PA 17745. Office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8-5, Wednesday 8-12:30. Phone (570) 893-4339.

Duties performed daily are multiple and diverse, including the application of all directives mandated by Federal, State, and County Governments for all veterans; maintaining current files for living and deceased veterans; recording all transactions with any veteran or dependent utilizing the services of the office.

Personal service is given to every veteran and dependent regarding pensions, insurances, schooling, hospitalization, medical benefits, home loans, counseling services, grave registration, and cooperation with local funeral directors regarding burials. American flags and standards are provided for veterans grave sites.

The office maintains an open door policy, attempting to address every problem on an individual basis, and when necessary, making home visits in cases of disability. Veterans no longer able to care for their personal needs are helped with placement in available Veterans homes. In cases where the veteran or his dependent is home bound, application for Aid and Attendance, or home bound benefits are provided. The obligation of this office is to make certain that all veterans and their dependents are accorded the full benefits due them in compliance with Federal, State, and County Law, upon proof of eligibility for said benefits.

A van is available for transportation for appointments to the James E. VanZandt Medical Center in Altoona, and the community based outreach center in State College. To make arrangements for transportation, please call the VA Office at (570) 893-4339 during business hours.