Properties may not qualify for States Gypsy Moth Suppression Program for the following reasons.


Based on the observation made at the site, it has been determined that your property does not meet the DCNR program for one or all of the following reasons;


  The property is uninhabited or is not part of a forested residential area. It is a publicly owned forested recreational area or a public water supply.
  The property does not meet the required minimum of 50% tree coverage of which 20% of the trees are highly infested by Gypsy Moth
  The property is used primarily for commercial or industrial purposes.
  The vegetation coverage in the property is primarily yard trees, ornamental trees on desired species.
  The proposed spray block is within an objectors area.
   The property does not meet the 250 egg masses per acre minimum requirement.
  The property is located within 50 feet of a public or private school.
  Insufficient information provided in regards to the property and the location.
  Insufficient amount of property to qualify for the required minimum 23 acre spray block.


Additional notes:


  The spray program is a suppression program and not an eradication program.
  There is a potential for significant dispersal of newly hatched caterpillars from nearby heavily infested areas into the proposed spray block.
  A cost of $25.00 per acre will be charged for spraying the block. The minimum spray block size is 23 acres (regardless of property ownership).
  If you have any other additional questions please do not hesitate to contact DCNR at 717-536-3961  
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