Welcome to Clinton County, PA

From the day it was first established on June 31, 1839, Clinton County Government has accepted steadily increasing responsibilities that today cover a full gamut of human services, court services, emergency services, planning, and information services. Clinton County has the vital role of supporting it's 29 municipal governments, and sponsors numerous infrastructure- and service-related boards and authorities. It strives to keep up with political, cultural, and technological innovation to meet the ever-changing needs of its residents.

As an active member of numerous statewide and multi-county organizations, Clinton County takes a regional approach to government. It gains from and contributes to the wide knowledge base of organizations like the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania, the SEDA-Council of Governments, the Clinton County Economic Partnership, the Pennsylvania Wilds Planning Team, and its Community Action Agency, STEP, Inc.

Be a Part of County Government

Clinton County invites everyone to get involved in your local government. The commissioners meet every Thursday at 10:00 am and commissioner work sessions are held every Monday morning. All meetings, with the exception of personnel issues, are open to the public.